Pete McAlindon


Dr. McAlindon founded Blue Orb, Inc., manufacturers of orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard, in 1997 with a clear vision of broadening access to information for all computer users by eliminating the barriers caused by traditional input technologies. He has an extensive background in ergonomic research related to keyboard design and human computer interaction.

Dr.McAlindon earned a Master's Degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Aeronautical Science and is a certified pilot. He earned his doctorate from the University of Central Florida in Industrial Engineering with an emphasis in Ergonomics. Dr. McAlindon currently teaches a course at Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business in Entrepreneurship. Dr. McAlindon is an active board member of Orlando, Inc. and Conductive Education Centers of Florida.

Alan Townsend


Alan has over 30 years of executive and sales experience in the healthcare and communications industries, both domestically and internationally. His proven intuitive understanding of team dynamics has enabled him to specialize in implementing sales and marketing strategies to improve productivity.

Alan comes to orbiTouch most recently as the Director of U.S. Operations for SUNPA, the world’s largest telemedicine company. He was also the former President of Calvert Manufacturing, Inc., and has worked in diverse leadership positions for organizations such as Motorola, Honeywell HomMed, Lexicor, and The Human Capital Group. Alan was also the President and Founder of Response Vehicles Incorporated, one of the largest dealers of specialty vehicles in the United States. He holds a degree in Community Psychology from the City University of New York.

Elizabeth Rissman

Director of Marketing

Born and raised in Orlando, Elizabeth is a cum laude graduate of Vanderbilt University with a concentration in Communication Studies. She is also a committee member of Tech Thursday at Urban ReThink. Elizabeth learned the importance of accessibility and technology through writing and community outreach.

"The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is essential to the human experience. Quality of life is directly connected to the quality of relationships. Any way we can bring people together, whether through technology or in person, is transformative. I am proud to work for a company like orbiTouch which gives individuals the opportunity to engage, learn, and be independent.”

Trevor Swanson

Director of Business Development

A native of Central Florida, Trevor studied Philosophy at Rollins College before receiving his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Tampa. Before coming to orbiTouch, Trevor gained experience working for his family’s business. He enjoys creative problem solving, branding, and strategy.